Ilana Yahav always knew that her destiny was in art: painting, sculpting, and the plastic arts in general. And she has always sought new and

original ways of expressing the vast range of human emotions and feelings.

“The experience of direct contact with sand enthralled me already as a child.” Ilana recalls: “It was a happy childhood along the shores of the Mediterranean, which I would visit every day on my way to school. I would draw a personal story, a kind of living diary in the sand. I would draw quickly, trying to finish it all before the wave would come and wipe everything out. I was totally spellbound. I would stand and watch until the drawing disappeared, realizing that everything is transient and temporary…”

See below the Fabulous Shows that Ilana performs with sand and her Incredible artistic ability



You’ve Got A Friend by Ilana Yahav
Give peace A Chance by Ilana Yahav


R3HAB vs Vini Vici ft. Pangea & DEGO – Alive   by Ilana Yahav