Carl Stalling has never been a household name, but his music has been loved, although unconsciously as the music of “Warner Bros Cartons,” for the last eighty years.

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Carl Stalling: “Cartoon Music” Genius


One of the primary roles of the music in cartoons in the 1930’s to 1959, was to enhance the “comedic affect” of the story or gag.

Thus, the composer had to make it his or her business to make the music funny and, at the same time, still effective as a soundtrack.

Carl Stalling was, without a doubt, the most skilled and clever composer of cartoon music Hollywood ever had;

He not only created the scores to hundreds of Warner Bros. cartoons from 1936 to 1959, he essentially created the sound that most fans of animated shorts know as, simply, “cartoon music.” His unique style of using songs for background music that had some nominal relation to the subject at hand became his trademark.

it was not looked well upon at the time, but people today have realized just how important and influential these soundtracks have become in our society.

The modern cartoon, and especially the Hollywood cartoon from the Golden Age of Animation, relies so much on music that it is truly difficult to conceive what they might have been like without a soundtrack.

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Warner Bros Music From 1936 to 1959


Porky in wackland

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Speedy Gonzales

Carl Stalling and Mitt Franklyn ln session

Anxiety Montage

Music from Porkey’s Review

There they Go, Gi, Go

The Depression Era

Hillbilly Hare

A Studio session For:
Puddy Tat Trouble part 6