Brief Synopsis of “Time of Destruction” By John C. Meyer

“Time of Destruction” begins with an explosive first chapter, and continues at a fast pace.  Arthur Helman, CEO of Lunarcom, a company that has used Solar Power Satellites to become the world’s largest electric production company, plots the destruction of Hydroteck his biggest competitor, using ultra-advanced technology.

In the midst of this competition, a catastrophic destructive force strikes the Earth, catapulting two Hydroteck engineers, Austin Johnson and Jerry Sheryl into a time paradox.

As Johnson and Sheryl move back and fourth in time between 2085 and 2245, they become entangled with Helman, as they search on the Moon, the Earth, and the L-4 Space Colony for the cause of the catastrophe, and for a key to preventing the “Time of Destruction,” and saving the billions of people who died in that “Time of Destruction.”



90 second book trailer for “Time of Destruction” By John C. Meyer