Hi!  My name is John Meyer.

I want to give something to my Facebook friends and I thought you might like a F-R-E-E “Download”  of my science fiction short story, “Prelude To Destruction.”

This book is a prequel to the novel “Time of Destruction”, which is an exciting Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller, of epic proportions!

On my site you’ll also see:

  • Video “Book Trailer” for “Time of Destruction”
  •  A profile of the author, John C. Meyer
  • Video of John’s Interview with David Prowse, the actor who Played Darth Vader
  • Customer reviews of “Time of Destruction”
  • John C. Meyer’s BLOG

Last, but not least, please feel free to tell your friends about this “FREE” download of “Prelude to Destruction,” and forward this email to them, so that they can ALSO get my book for F-R-E-E