Since everyone is staying at home right now, I know you’re looking for something fun for kids and adults to do, besides watching hours and hours of streaming videos.

Coloring in coloring books is a wonderfully relaxing and creative activity for adults, teens and kids alike.

It’s a perfect way to pass the time for total beginners as well as advanced colorists, because when you’re coloring, there is no right or wrong way.

It’s a chance to let your inner light shine.

My coloring book, bookstore, offers eleven coloring books. Each book has eight pages with very intricate and inviting black and white drawings to color on;
Each of the eleven coloring books has a unique theme or story that is indicated by the book title.

Each book can be customized with the owner’s name on the book’s title and on the title of each page inside of the book.

Click below to Access my “Coloring Book, Bookstore”


After you click, scroll down to view all eleven coloring books.

When you see a book you might like, “Click” on the book cover, then click the “Look Inside.”
The book will open so you can see the first five pages, and you can decide if you wan to buy.
Click the “BUY” button for a book you want to buy, and a page will open to allow you to pay by “Pay Pal” or “Credit Card.”
Fill-out the information for the payment method you have chosen, then, on the next page, you will TYPE IN the name YOU want on the “Book Cover” and on the titles of the inside pages of the coloring book.
Then, please type in the email address where you want the coloring book emailed. Within a few days you will receive your personalized coloring book as a PDF.
You can print out the PDF on any printer, and keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.
I look forward to serving you.

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